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Wines of Mallorca

Vino mallorca

Wines of Mallorca

Welcome back to a new blog post by Mediterranean Look.  We love all your messages related to the last post Summer in Mallorca.  In that one we ended up talking about the wines of Mallorca. 

You told us that you want us to give you more advice and talk a little bit about everything related to this topic. The truth is that it is something totally related to the Mediterranean lifestyle . Nothing like a good wine with friends at any time of day. You can enjoy it outdoors by the sea on one of the wonderful beaches of Mallorca.

Mediterranean climate

The wines of Mallorca have an ever improving reputation. The wonderful Mediterranean climate together with the good location of the island are perfect for a good production. 

Even more and more wineries are dedicating themselves to producing natural and ecological wines.  They respect during the production process everything concerning the environment and the land they cultivate. We love this at Mediterranean Look because we support everything that is sustainable.

Mallorca is also a perfect destination for wine tourism. You can plan your tourist route around the island including the wonderful wineries. There you can taste the wines and visit the facilities, so you can see how they produce the wines of Mallorca. 

There is a large production of red, white and rosé wines.  There are native red grapes such as Callet, Mantonegro or Fogoneu. The white ones are Prensal, Macabeo or Malvasia.

On the island there are more than 500 brands of wine among the 70 wineries that exist today. There is also a Binissalem denomination of origin. It uses the native grapes Mantonegro, Callet and Fogoney. These are mixed with other varieties to give more flavour to the wines of Mallorca.


Wineries in Mallorca

Among the many wineries we can mention some brands that make great wines:


Located in Binissalem, it has a designation of origin. The region was founded in 1990 and is in the centre of Mallorca. 

Bodegas Ferrer is a family business founded in 1931. It was the first on the island to use oak barrels and its wines are based on the Mantonegro grape variety.

It has vineyards situated between 75 and 200 metres above sea level. It is protected from the north winds by the Sierra de Tramuntana and has a wonderful Mediterranean climate. In this winery, where they make wines from Mallorca , Bodegas Ferrer grows vines of native varieties.


It is located in Consell and has more than 309 years of history. It is the oldest family winery in Spain after Codorniu and Chivite. They have been producing wines from Mallorca since 1711.

These are two examples of wineries in Mallorca that should be visited, especially to taste their wines this summer in Mallorca.


Cooperative of Felanitx

Carlos Martin grew up in a very wine-growing area of the island. When he came from Extremadura at the age of 5, his family settled in Felanitx.

The cooperative winery in Felanitx was the largest of the Majorcan wine cellars. Founded in 1919 it produced and sold wine in 1923 all over the island and not only to the region. 

In this way it helped farmers who did not have their own winery. In 1992 it was taken over by the Binissalem winemaker Paz Ripoll Pol.

Outstanding wineries in this area of Felanitx that also produce natural and organic wine are : 

In the following posts we will be telling you interesting things about the island, its businesses and relevant characters. We hope you continue to enjoy the summer in Mallorca with a good wine from the island.

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