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Veroño in Mallorca

Vedroño en Mallorca

Veroño in Mallorca

This island is truly a paradise, every day I fall more in love with Mallorca. It is one thing to get to know it from the inside through its roads and forests, another from the sea. 

It drives you crazy, it’s not a small island, it’s huge, you take the car and you have multiple options. Or if you go on foot through the centre, strolling through the streets is a pleasure, discovering new places, small shops and cafes. 

The best thing is that every season of the year has its own charm and we can say that we are now in one that we call vedroño in Mallorca. It is the combination of summer and autumn, something perfect and wonderful that those of us who live here are lucky enough to have.

Vedroño en Mallorca


Natural beauty with Mediterranean Look

It is early November and it seems like May or June. The perfect plan is to put on music at home in the morning and get ready in front of the mirror using Mediterranean Look products. Make yourself look good with Hair Serum one and feel totally natural and fresh, that way you can go out in the sun and meet your friends. 

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I love to enjoy a walk during the vedroño in Mallorca for example through the Portixol just with a T-shirt and with our Mediterranean Look hydroalcoholic gel  of course in your handbag. You can meet friends on any terrace and have a vermouth with some olives. See people pass by and talk about making plans for the weekend.



Towns of Mallorca

One of the wonders of this island are its villages during the vedroño in Mallorca. There are some near Palma that deserve special interest for those weekend getaway plans. Personally, Valldemossa is one of my favourite.

It is located in the northeast of the island and has only 50,000 inhabitants. We can say that it is of great natural and cultural interest. When you go in, its streets and little houses make you fall in love. La Cartuja is situated in the centre of the village near the house where the famous pianist and composer Chopin stayed. He shared this house with his partner George Sand and you can visit it and see the piano he used then. Here he composed some of his Preludes, his second Ballad, a Polonaise and his third Scherzo.

valldemossa-mallorca Valldemossa

I particularly advise you to go later to the Restaurante Troya  which is situated at the top and taste his exquisite dishes. The views from its terrace of the valley of Valldemossa are breathtakingly beautiful. 

Later I would go for a coffee at the Hotel Valldemossa  which is very close by and is a very nice walk during this vedroño in Mallorca. It is a boutique hotel and restaurant on a spectacular hill. It has views of the Real Cartuja and the bay of Palma. Its stone walls in the middle of the Tramuntana Mountains will make you feel like in an oasis of peace and romanticism. Fréderic Chopin called Valldemossa “the most beautiful place in the world”.



Visit to Sóller


Another of the wonderful villages you can visit in this vedroño in Mallorca is Sóller.

I advise you to go on the famous  Tren de Sóller. It departs from the train station in Plaza España and with its wooden carriages from the beginning of the 20th century it will make you feel like in another era. The whole Mediterranean landscape you will see during the journey is a spectacle. 

Once in the town you can discover a modern Sóller thanks to the buildings designed by Joan Rubio who was a disciple of Gaudí. You will also see the more traditional narrow streets of typical Mallorcan architecture. 

Finally you can spend the evening in the Port of Sóller visiting its cafes and restaurants full of fresh fish and trying its famous Sóller prawns.

As you can see the vedroño in Mallorca is to be enjoyed in a natural way using your Mediterranean Look products. We will continue to tell you interesting things about Mallorca in the next posts.

Vedroño in Mallorca

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