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Sustainable life in Mallorca

Vida sostenible en Mallorca- Peluquería Carlos Martín

Sustainable life in Mallorca

Hello everyone again, I love your comments on the previous postsIt’s great that you agree on what it means to be eco-friendly today. Having a sustainable life in Mallorca is possible and very necessary. Especially after what we have experienced with the Covid-19 and its consequences we realize it even more.

Our Mediterranean Look products are totally oriented to this lifestyle. As you know our philosophy in the Carlos Martin salon  is to be totally multifunctional. Which is synonymous with a sustainable life in Mallorca today.

Sustainable hairdressing in Mallorca

It is a salon located in a Majorcan building dating back to 1700, where each section is run by a specialist. We are professionals in hairdressing, aesthetics and make-up. 

We have a men’s section with a very exclusive barber shop designed down to the smallest detail. Then in the aesthetics part you can find Ana a specialist in eyelash extensions that will make you have a look like never before. We also have a specialist in Thai massage that will make you feel like a different person. 

In addition, a nail specialist very much in demand by our clients and of course Olga who will treat your hair in a spectacular way.

As you know, we offer the service of visagism, which is a technique that studies the shapes and proportions of the face in all its aspects. Thanks to this study we know which is the best look and haircut as well as which makeup is the most suitable for your face.

As you can see we offer a totally multifunctional service in accordance with having a sustainable life in Mallorca.

That is why Carlos Martin wanted to create a product line that is also multifunctional and sustainable. 



Multifunctional products in Mallorca

Brands with personal values like Mediterranean Look are very important to help build a better future. Especially today by having a sustainable life in Mallorca we will help to preserve the environment.

We should think that we do not need to have and use a lot of products, but we should try to ensure that the ones we have are of good quality. The important thing is that they are multifunctional so that we do not have to consume so many different ones. All this helps to preserve and reduce waste.
In our lives we must integrate the use of Mediterranean Look a sustainable cosmetic brand in Mallorca in a natural and spontaneous way. We are proud to be above all a brand with social commitment.

Let me show you other examples of products that are also multifunctional and help the environment:

  • You can take a stainless steel bottle with you everywhere and not buy plastic bottles. 
  • Use a senalla mallorquina, the typical basket of the island to go shopping and for everything instead of plastic bags.
  • You can move around by bike, here in Mallorca it is an easy and practical way to do it. 
  • Buy in bulk local organic products and nearby.

We should have as a philosophy of life to seek and promote sustainable life in Mallorca in all areas. Make it a way of life and give an example to all that we can. We are not just buying a product. We are helping to take care of the environment, to prevent climate change. 

Thank you for trusting Mediterranean Look, we are waiting for your comments and advice once again.

Sustainable life in Mallorca

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