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Sustainable cosmetic brand in Mallorca


Sustainable cosmetic brand in Mallorca

Welcome to another post by Mediterranean Look, we are very happy about all the good acceptance we are having. We love that you give us those great comments about our products. Especially that you are enjoying them and recommending them to everyone.

Our Philosophy

On this occasion I would like to explain in our blog the philosophy that we want to transmit. Mediterranean Look is more than a series of products, it is a whole lifestyle, it is a sustainable cosmetic brand in Mallorca that you will fall in love with. 

I am sure that today more than ever you care about how we can take care of ourselves and at the same time protect the environment. We are very aware that all our actions have an impact and we are very conscious of this at all times.

Mediterranean Look is a brand created with a lot of dedication and passion by the great hairdresser Carlos Martin. With more than 25 years of experience in the beauty sector he knows very well what his clients demand. 

He has known how to combine that need with his personal values. One of the things that mattered most to him was for Mediterranean Look to be a sustainable cosmetic brand in Mallorca. 

All the products are the result of extensive and deep work. Carlos has spent many months researching and studying. He has realized the need to create sustainable products that would be as beneficial as possible.

Carlos Martin has contacted the best professionals in the cosmetics sector to collaborate with him in the creation of his products.


Ecologically conscious brand

mediterraneanlookAfter all this work he has managed to bring together in Mediterranean Look his own personal values full of passion together with an ecological conscience so necessary today. 

It is a sustainable cosmetic brand in Mallorca that perfectly reflects the Mediterranean lifestyle .The products are totally beneficial as they protect the health of the hair, scalp, beard and skin at the same time.

They are 100% handmade in Mallorca, with totally natural materials of vegetable origin.

Much effort has been made to have glass recipients using Italian crystal, serigraphed without labels, made with recyclable materials and also refillable. In this way we minimize the negative environmental impacts of the packaging as much as possible.

Unfortunately, in the world of cosmetics we are surrounded by tons of packaging that are very harmful to the environment.




Benefits of our products

That is why one of the values we want to transmit with Mediterranean Look as a sustainable cosmetic Brand in Mallorca is that less is more. With just one product, many results can be achieved.

The Hair Serum for example, is a product for men and women with which you can enjoy a much more comfortable life. You won’t have to buy others or carry several containers in your bag. Even when you are travelling, just one product is enough, it’s impossible to make it easier.¬†

With Hair Serum you can take care of your hair, skin and beard. So you can fully enjoy the day to day without having to worry about anything. 

With the hydroalcoholic gel or the spray lotion you will have the same results. You know that before going out to a terrace to drink a wine or go to the beach to enjoy, it will take care of you and protect you.

Furthermore, by being a sustainable cosmetic brand in Mallorca you will be helping the environment. You will feel very natural and enjoy the essence of life.

Supporting the local product of Mallorca

Being a brand 100% made in Mallorca with natural materials from here, we are also promoting local products. There are many companies in Mallorca that are helping to improve the environment more and more every day. 

We love to support people in Mallorca who have the same ecological and social spirit. We will make them known through our blog posts and social networks.

We look forward to your comments and advice to continue improving day by day. In the meantime…Enjoy a lot with all the products of Mediterranean Look!

Sustainable cosmetic brand in Mallorca 


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