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Summer in Mallorca

Verano en Mallorca- mediterraneanlook

Summer in Mallorca

Hello again everyone, here we are in a new post on this  Mediterranean Look.There is an incredible energy in the streets, you can breathe the desire we all had for sun and light. What a joy to have the summer in Mallorca already in our lives.

Contact with the sea

Summer in Mallorca is a paradise of contrasts, the colours you find are some of the most magical there is. If there is something that defines the Mediterranean lifestyle  it is the colour blue. 

We can find shades of blue that you may never have seen on every beach we visit this summer in Mallorca. 

We have the wonderful Cala Mondragó, Cala Mesquida, Playa de Muro, Cala Agulla and so on.

Outdoor life plays an important role on our island. We can boast of isolated coves and miles of coastline where you can sail and practice water sports. 

Also the island offers a lot of mountainous terrain where cycling is very popular, hiking, climbing etc..This whole mastery of the colour blue creates a refreshing and serene atmosphere. In the summer in Mallorca the real protagonist is you. You must let your life be invaded by light and freshness by surrounding yourself with sustainable products such as those of Mediterranean Look.


Mediterranean Inspiration

The sea and more precisely the turquoise colour of Es Trenc beach was Carlos Martin’s inspiration for the brand image. The beach of Es Trenc with its dunes and endless white sand is one of the most beautiful natural areas of Mallorca. The turquoise blue of the water comes from the Posidonia which is on the seabed.¬†

It is an endemic species of the Mediterranean Sea that is not present in any other sea in the world.

The image of Mediterranean Look is marine, refreshing and happy. Totally in accordance with the summer in Mallorca and its mild temperatures.


Sustainable business in Mallorca

Precisely on Es Trenc beach is the Restaurante-Café Noray. It is an ideal place to eat or drink something relaxed while enjoying the summer in Mallorca. 

On its terrace you can breathe tranquillity in a natural and cosy environment. Its wide range of menus will be the perfect combination to that day at the beach under the sun in Es Trenc. Food really does play a major role in defining the Mediterranean lifestyle.

They use fresh and local products respecting the environment and have an eco-friendly ethic. They are also so friendly that you will make Restaurante Noray a place to go on many occasions. What more can we ask for?

Outdoor life

Thanks to the wonderful climate of Mallorca we enjoy a life more focused on being outdoors. We love to socialize by chatting or taking walks in the beautiful streets during the summer in Mallorca. 

Here we spend many pleasant evenings on terraces with friends. One of the busiest areas during the summer in Mallorca is Portixol. There are restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy yourself after a walk along the promenade.

There is for example the Restaurante Ola de Mar , considered one of the best in Palma. With its wonderful menu you are sure to be delighted. Nearby we have the Hotel-Restaurante Portixol with views over the bay where you can enjoy sitting on its terrace having a drink.

Part of this lifestyle is also sharing a wine with friends, which is one of the greatest pleasures in life. There are numerous natural wines made on the island.  

The wine growers are interested in recovering the native varieties. Grapes for red wine can be found such as Mantonegro, Gorgollasa, Callet and Escursat. For white wine we have the varieties called giró and premsal. They are becoming very popular and I recommend you try them.

In future posts we will give you more advice about products and companies on the island. Meanwhile enjoy the summer in Mallorca which is unique and magical.

Summer in Mallorca

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