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October in Mallorca

Octubre en Mallorca

October in Mallorca

Hello everyone again, how are you handling this changing beginning of October in Mallorca? First we had a heat worthy of July and now the arrival of cold and rainy weather with strong winds. We at Mediterranean Look would like to advise you to pay special attention to your hair these days.

All customers who come to Carlos Martin’s hairdresser’s take advantage of the visit and take a bottle of Hair Serum 1. This is the essential product for all hair types. There is no need to use any other and as you know it is for the whole family. I’m sure that once you’re at home you will all share it and enjoy its beneficial natural ingredients.

Keep in mind that you can also buy it online so you don’t have to wait for your next appointment. In this way you will always have that natural and fresh Mediterranean image. Don’t forget to take the 15ml or 30ml size to carry in your bag. It is just as essential as the hydroalcoholic gel  we told you about in the previous post 



Cultural activities in Mallorca 

As we said October in Mallorca is very special, there are numerous activities to enjoy. The rich programme of the Teatro Principal is incredibly varied. For example in the small hall there are several theatre performances for all tastes. In the big hall there is Opera, on the 17th there is The Enchanting Flute with Vega Escribano. A didactic concert for families with children where works by Mozart will be performed. The audience will experience the structure, interpretation and mechanics of the opera The Magic Flute.

Teatropincipal depalma

On other dates this month there will be musical theatre and dance. We advise you to have a look and you will surely find interesting things.

In the Auditorium of Palma there are concerts, musicals, theatre and dance. In Caixa Forum Palma you could see until recently the Blue Exhibition, the colour of Modernism. It showed the spirit of a period at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th marked by the presence of blue and what it meant. Soon there will be screenings and workshops that I recommend you look at.

One of the most awaited concerts will be that of the violinist Ara Malikian on October 23rd at the Trui Teatre. The Lebanese of Armenian origin is one of the most brilliant violinists in the world. He gave his first concert at the age of 12 and has created a very personal style where he fuses music from very different cultures. 


Hair serum 1

To all these activities that take place in October in Mallorca don’t forget to bring the hydroalcoholic gel of Mediterranean Look of course. It has already become an everyday gesture and should not be missing from our bag. Also using the Hair Serum 1 you will go with this fresh and Mediterranean style so modern and natural that we all like it.

Enjoy and tell us later how you spent this wonderful month of October in Mallorca.

October in Mallorca


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