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Natural care for your hands

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Natural care for your hands

It’s amazing how fast this month of September is going by. Between one thing and another we are leaving the summer and the days of sun and beach.¬†

Autumn is coming but we shouldn’t get depressed because it is also an incredible time here in Mallorca. With the change we should not forget to always take care of our skin, especially using a good natural hydroalcoholic gel for our hands.


Good products for new habits 

Due to all that has been happening, nowadays it is already a normal gesture to use the hydroalcoholic gel every time. When we enter a store, restaurant or cafe, even at the home of family or friends. The gesture of rubbing our hands with a natural hydroalcoholic gel has become part of our lives. We carry it in the car or in our handbag always next to us. It is something fundamental and it will stay with us forever.

Many people have told us that because of the continuous use of these gels they have had problems with their skin because they were not made properly. There are some that produce dryness, blisters, bad smell and many other things. 

At Mediterranean Look we always want the best for you and that is why we decided to create our own natural hydroalcoholic gel. Carlos Martin wanted to be able to offer you a product of the highest quality to protect our hands.


Natural hydroalcoholic gel 

Thanks to intense research Carlos has created an incredible gel that we at Mediterranean Look are very happy to offer you. It is a product made with natural ingredients such as Betaine.  It also contains essential oil from the best lavender from French Provence to leave your hands with an incredibly fresh and clean aroma. Of course it has 70% alcohol to provide maximum disinfection.  

Our natural hydroalcoholic gel not only disinfects your hands but also takes care of them, which is essential in a product so used daily.

It is manufactured in Mallorca with all the care and love that we always give to our Mediterranean Look products. Its benefits have all our core values as it is easy to carry and use, brings the best of nature, can be used by the whole family and provides a result from the first moment.

Autumn in Mallorca 

As you can see this autumn you can start by taking care of yourself and enjoying the activities on the island. During the day the sun is not so suffocating and you can practice outdoor activities. Always with our natural hydroalcoholic gel in the bag, to use yourself and to offer to your friends.

In Mallorca we are lucky that many villages organize festivals to celebrate the harvest of their crops. There is such a variety of local products, there are grapes, mushrooms, almonds with more than 4 million trees. There are so many because when the vineyards suffered the phylloxera plague  they were replaced by almond trees to create a new source of income. 

The wine industry recovered later and today Mallorcan wines  are of excellent quality and receive numerous awards. In addition there are many wineries that produce organic and ecological wines which from Mediterranean Look we always support.

These days you can also take advantage and hike through the many routes in the Serra de Tramuntana. All these Mallorcan products have to be lowered and there is nothing like doing a bit of sport. The forests are beautiful with the new autumn color of the trees. You will be able to discover and to enjoy very much this paradise that is Majorca.

We will continue to tell you interesting things from here. As you can see, we like to advise you on products such as our natural hydroalcoholic gel so that you are protected and cared for in the best possible way. See you soon in another post. 

Natural hydroalcoholic gel


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