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Mediterranean style weddings

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Hello everyone again, how is it going this summer in Mallorca? You are surely enjoying its beaches, its wines and its restaurants. 

It’s been an atypical summer but still life goes on and many events are taking place here. Mallorca is undoubtedly a paradise for all kinds of celebrations.¬†


Weddings in Mallorca 

There is one event that has been very popular in recent years and that is Mediterranean style weddings.  Because of the wonderful nature of the island, these weddings are always magical and very special. There are fincas  and hotels specially prepared that offer a unique and exclusive service for this type of event. 

You can enjoy mediterranean style weddings totally surrounded by the sea, the sun and the beach. You can choose between fincas and hotels with incredible views over dreamy cliffs. If you prefer you can have a wedding in the middle of nature surrounded by trees and forest. The magical traditional atmosphere of the Mallorcan countryside is perfect for a beautiful romantic wedding.


Great professionals in Mallorca 

There are great professionals to ensure that everything goes perfectly and you can enjoy mediterranean style weddings to the fullest. One of them is the prestigious company Ars Festum. 

They are an exclusive design company for weddings and all kinds of events. They offer the most creative, exclusive and personal decoration service in Mallorca ,Ibiza and Menorca.  

With a great international experience they design mediterranean style weddings or events to the smallest detail. You don’t have to worry about anything, you just have to enjoy one of the most important days of your life. You can trust Ars Festum to create the most perfect, sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.¬†¬†


Another very important service for mediterranean style weddings is photography. 

One of the best photographers in Mallorca is undoubtedly Inma del Valle . With a very personal and elegant style she will photograph every moment of your wedding. 

With a great international experience her photos are moments captured in time that after years you will love to live again. 

Inma del Valle reflects in a natural way all the feelings and sensations that come up on that day. Her great creativity and the passion she puts into her work make the difference. Each photo is different and original, no doubt you will live an emotional experience with her and her photos.


Wedding Styling in Mallorca 

Of course when we talk about mediterranean style weddings we have to talk about the style that the bride will have. That day she is the protagonist and she has to feel like the most beautiful in the world. She must radiate confidence and security, the style she chooses will be a reflection of herself.

Carlos Martin has been one of the greatest professionals in this sector for many years. The style he gives to his brides is totally personalized and very meticulous. When brides come to Carlos what they usually look for is a fresh and dynamic look. In mediterranean style weddings, organic textures dominate, highlighting the natural beauty.

The hairstyle is usually loose with very modern Californian waves. In makeup, Carlos Martin likes to propose to maintain the natural tone of the skin and leave it clean and fresh. Carlos always tells his brides the phrase: “You must always get them to tell you how beautiful you are and not to tell you how made-up you are”.

Mediterranean Look and its products promote the values that enhance natural beauty. In this same way Carlos Martin creates a look that remains in time in a natural and elegant way with which you will enjoy happily during the whole event.

There are many more interesting things to tell about weddings and events. Stay tuned and we will tell you about it in future posts. In the meantime, continue to enjoy the sun and summer in Mallorca. 

Mediterranean style weddings


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