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Mediterranean lifestyle

estilo de vida mediterráneao -mediterraneanlook

Mediterranean lifestyle

It’s definitely love at first sight, that intense and lively light mixed with bright colors. The smell of the sea and the feeling of the sun on your skin wrapping you up. Knowing how to live and enjoy from morning until nightfall. A meeting point for so many cultures where magic exists. Welcome to the Mediterranean lifestyle, welcome to Mediterranean Look.



Lifestyle in Mallorca

We all want to feel good and get immersed in beautiful things. To know that you can trust the quality of authentic products made in such a wonderful land.
This is what it is like to live the Mediterranean lifestyle where you let yourself be carried away by a relaxing pace of life.

Here the essence of life is to enjoy and be happy. Not to be in a hurry and let the days go by feeling beautiful sensations. The Mediterranean is to return to the essence, to the beauty of a nature full of peace and warmth.
To live outdoors and enjoy the beaches, the streets, the terraces.

All these values are held by Mediterranean Look, a brand born here. Among the waves of the beaches of Mallorca and its mountains full of olive trees. With a very careful quality that makes it elegant and fresh. Mediterranean Look surrounds and seduces you from the first contact.

Mediterranean Look products are handmade and are of vegetable origin respecting environmental sustainability environmental sustainability so important to the planet.
They represent the Mediterranean lifestyle that has the Balearic Islands as its great representative.
estilo de vida mediterráneao -mediterraneanlook


Traditional companies in Mallorca

In Mallorca we can find wonderful companies with great tradition. The typical fabrics of Mallorca and their designs are famous all over the world. The beautiful and original “tejido de lenguas” as it is known is a good example.

Everyone who comes to Mallorca does not leave without buying something with this design made with an ancient technique. The food and products of the land are another good reflection of the Mediterranean lifestyle. You can find 60 wineries on the island with first class wines. We have as an example the incredible wineries of Macia Batle, Biniagual and José Luis Ferrer. These are wines that do not leave you indifferent to the quality of the soil and the climate where their vineyards grow. Another Mallorcan product is the famous Majorica pearls highly valued and known worldwide. The extra virgin olive oil of Mallorca with DO is also a great protagonist. There are olive trees on the island that are over 500 years old. These oils are made in a traditional way with very special characteristics. Not in vain is it called “liquid gold”.

Of course, we cannot forget the internationally famous leather shoe brand Camper. It was born in Mallorca and has been winning international design awards for four generations.
This is a prosperous land full of great products of its own made with great quality.



Following the majorcan tradition

Mediterranean Look joins all these Majorcan brands as their products are 100% made here. It reflects those evenings in the sun, the bright colours of the island, the magnetism and purity of the Mediterranean. You can fully rely on their quality as all their products are handmade with the best of nature. By using Mediterranean Look you will not need so many other products as it is the same for hair, skin and beard. Both for women and men. Besides benefiting from its qualities you will be helping to care for the environment.

These are all benefits that last over time. They will make you feel and enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean lifestyle.
Welcome to Mediterranean Look!




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