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Winter trends in Mallorca

"ALT"las tendencias de invierno en mallorca árbol"

Winter trends in Mallorca

We are already in the middle of winter whether we like it or not, the radiant sunshine has given way to grey and rainy days. It is not usual in Mallorca but we have to be prepared for a cold and wet winter. Of course there will  be many days with wonderful sunshine, this is Mallorca after all, so don’t panic.

The new year is just around the corner and it is time to consider whether we want a new year – new look or not. Here at Mediterranean Look we like to keep up with the latest trends and we are going to introduce you to the hottest winter trends in Mallorca.

The best professionals

We know that it takes a lot of courage to make a change of look and venture down new paths. But the important thing is that we are with you and with the products of Mediterranean Look you are safe from everything. The important thing is to feel good no matter what you do and here we will give you some tips on how to do it.

The first thing of course is to be advised by a good professional like Carlos Martin. He will guide you in a personal way on how to renew yourself and what will be best for you.

One of the winter trends in Mallorca, according to those in the know, will be the bob cut with fringes. You only have to look at how Sienna Miller looks to want to copy it. With the base straight and the fringe quite open. It gives a natural, modern and totally carefree look that suits many face types.

Another issue is the layers as they can serve in one case to control all the volume that we have or can appear that you have more hair. Depending on your needs of course.

By using our Hair Serum 1 and Super 7 Oil you can get the perfect look to that haircut without much effort. Plus, your hair will be fully protected from winter humidity and will stay healthy and strong.

As for the colour that’s the winter trend this year, it’s undoubtedly brown. But not the ordinary brown that many women already have naturally. According to the experts, the trend is to go for a brunette with a base at the roots and then a few shades lighter from the mid-lengths to the ends. Golden browns interspersed towards the ends give the hair a very shiny and healthy look. You can combine this colour with caramel or honey coloured highlights to give the hair and face a very light look.

Moisturising above all

A very important issue is to keep your hair shiny, so we always recommend to moisturise it well. With our Hair Serum 1 and Super 7 Oil you are well covered as you know.  Hair Serum 1 provides shine, softness and protection thanks to all its natural ingredients. By achieving an emollient and occlusive effect the Super 7 Oil leaves your hair with the perfect amount of moisture so you can show it off without worrying about it anymore.

After being up to date with the latest winter trends in Mallorca, the most important thing is to feel good about yourself, which is the best trick to well-being. Enjoy all that winter has to offer in Mallorca and of course share with friends those magical places full of Christmas lights. As always, let us know what you are doing for Christmas and we look forward to seeing you at Mediterranean Look!

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