Valentine's Day in Mallorca by Mediterranean Look.
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Valentine’s Day in Mallorca


Valentine’s Day in Mallorca

We seem to have survived January and are already in a sweeter part of the calendar. This month of February is like a prize as it has only 28 days and in the middle is… Valentine’s Day in Mallorca.

Yes, don’t tell me that it’s a commercial date, that it’s not a big deal, that it’s overrated, etc. Because I say that after all we have been through, any occasion that comes along is a wonderful occasion to celebrate.

Any excuse is a good excuse, even if it’s your second cousin’s birthday, or if it’s been a year since you left your ex. Please, we’re sure that we still have some romanticism left in our hearts. Besides, Valentine’s Day in Mallorca is as good as it gets. Just now when the days are so sunny, when the almond trees are in blossom. If you have a partner and you want to surprise her or him, you have to start planning now. Even if you are without a partner but there is someone you like and you can’t make up your mind, this is your moment.

Tips for Valentine’s Day in Mallorca

Mediterranean Look offers you several options to enjoy Valentine’s Day in Mallorca. It depends on what we are willing to do. There is the romantic night out by booking a restaurant. Here in Mallorca there are many incredible restaurants and as an example I can recommend some of them. There is the wonderful Almaq at the Hotel EsPrincep. An amazing rooftop near Calatrava with sea views and one of the best sunsets in Palma. Another is the Sumaq restaurant in Santa Catalina, a gastronomic journey through Peruvian cuisine that is simply magical. With either of these two options you will succeed.

If you want to give him or her something more personal, we recommend that you take an intensive online cooking course. That way you can surprise your partner by cooking something delicious made by you. It could be an easy and delicious pasta accompanied by a wonderful wine from the island. For Valentine’s Day in Mallorca you can go to Viniloteca and choose an organic wine. Or you can go to Bar La Sang and ask Luca what he recommends from his wide selection.

Of course you will gain a lot of points with this option because it is something you will do yourself which makes it more personal and that is appreciated.

Mediterranean Look Couples Care

Another wonderful idea is to book an experience to do as a couple. How about coming to Carlos Martin and having a morning of treatments for the two of you. You can call us and Carlos will advise you on what we can offer you. There is no couple that can resist having a wonderful day of wellness and pampering. You will leave the two of you like never before and ready to have that romantic dinner in the evening. Either in one of the restaurants we have recommended or at home. You can also gift her/him with one of our products such as Hair Serum 1 or Super 7 Oil. There is no better gift that is so natural and beneficial. Moreover, you can use them as a couple as they are for everyone.

So come on, there is not much left and if you follow our advice you will surely have a magical Valentine’s Day in Mallorca. We hope you tell us all about it and from Mediterranean Look we wish you a fabulous month of February.

Valentine’s Day in Mallorca

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