Trends for weddings in Mallorca by Mediterranean Look.
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Trends for weddings in Mallorca


Trends for weddings in Mallorca

Well, we are now entering the beautiful month of April and with it the wedding season begins. Here in Mallorca couples come from all over the world to get married and there are amazing places to do it. In this new post of Mediterranean Look we are going to talk a bit about the trends for weddings in Mallorca. The dresses for guests, bridal hairstyles, decoration etc….

Trends for guests

We have almost all fallen into a mini depression at the end of And Just Like That. We expected more from the Sex and the City sequence and were disappointed. No one understands why Big was killed off in the first few episodes. We wanted to see Carrie and Big enjoying their 50’s life at last. But of course what we loved the most about the show are the dresses and all the glamour of Carrie. Now we are looking at our first wedding invitation of the year and we want to dress as cool and elegant as her.

The trends for weddings in Mallorca this year for guests are quite fun. The dresses are moving away from boring and serious colours.  There is a return to bright and cheerful colours. Mauves, blues, greens and yellows are the latest. Prints and sequins are also a good idea. But you have to know first if it is day or evening to choose the length of the dress. During the day, short dresses are allowed, but in the evening they must be long.

Hairstyles for brides

According to the fashion bible, that is to say according to Vogue, bridal hairstyles are all about naturalness. Here at Mediterranean Look we totally agree. The updos and half updos should be casual and natural. If brides prefer loose hair it is always a good idea but with beautiful waves and movement.

The ponytails that Carrie wore in the first seasons of Sex and the City are back in fashion. They can be high ponytails, detachable, with accessories, etc… However, you must take into account the style of the dress and make a hairstyle according to it. One important thing, if you want to change the colour of your hair, think twice because it is usually a sudden and dangerous decision. Of course, the most important thing is to be yourself so you can enjoy the whole day without having to worry about anything. And of course, trust Mediterranean Look products for your daily care and that of those closest to you. We always promote the values that enhance natural and Mediterranean beauty.

Wedding decoration trends

We know that for many brides the decoration of their wedding is one of the most important issues. They want to capture their tastes and style, for this they collect on Pinterest pictures and more pictures. Floral decoration is one of the most important and will put the elegant touch in many spaces. It is important to know what are the trendy colours, the seasonal flowers in the month of the wedding and all the possible compositions.

Dried flower bouquets are in fashion and are a very modern and original choice this season. For the bridal bouquet it is easier to keep later as a souvenir at home. From Mediterranean Look we advise you to let yourself be advised by professionals. They will ask you about your tastes, your ideas and together you will choose the best. We recommend Arsfestum who are specialists and great professionals.

Dinner trends

For the banquet this year it is fashionable to mix round tables with elongated ones. It is a design with movement and fun. The bride and groom can dine at a separate table or change tables as they wish. Static and boring weddings give way to an active relationship between everyone. Of course you should trust a good wedding photographer to capture it all. Here in Mallorca one of the best, if not the best, is Inma del Valle. You can be sure that you will have the best wedding photos.

"ALT"inma del valle photography"

But without a doubt, the most important thing is to have fun all day long and celebrate in a big party. There is a lot of desire to have a good time and to enjoy family and friends who have not seen each other for so long. Here at Mediterranean Look we can’t wait for the wedding season in Mallorca to start and tell us all about it.

Trends for weddings in Mallorca

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