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Tips to take care of yourself in Mallorca the way you deserve

Trucos para cuidarte en Mallorca -

Hello again, we are already at the end of the January slope. Sometimes it is difficult to start a new year, especially after having had such a hard one like 2020. Well we can say that one of the rules is not to mention what has already happened and from Mediterranean Look we are really looking forward to live this year to the fullest. That’s why in this new post we want to tell you some tips to take care of yourself in Mallorca as you deserve.

The weather is crazy, it’s incredible, it seems that one day it’s closed winter with hurricane-force winds and we are going to fly. The next day the sun comes out and makes us want to go to the beach to sunbathe. Whether you like it or not our skin and hair are affected by so much change, so we must protect them well and take care of them.

Super 7 Oil tip for skin and hair

We love it when you tell us how delighted you are with the new Super 7 Oil product and that you use it for both skin and hair. That’s why we insist that one of the most important tips to take care of yourself in Mallorca as you deserve is to nourish your skin well. This oil as you know is wonderful to put on wet skin after showering or bathing. The combination of the 7 oils is absorbed quickly and leaves a soft and pleasant sensation.

On the hair you can apply it both wet and dry, before washing and / or after. As you can see from its properties it softens the hair and forms a protective barrier. So the weather can change as much as it wants and we will look as great as the Queen in the famous series The Bridgertons. Of course, they wore wigs and we don’t want to know what they were hiding, we are showing off our hair in the wind.

Great tips to take care of yourself in Mallorca

Other tips to take care of yourself in Mallorca as you deserve and perhaps the most important and the one we like the most is to enjoy life. Since we have the Mediterranean Look products and we are as happy as Kamala Harris at the Capitol swearing in we should look for those things that make us enjoy being this physically wonderful.

Of course sharing quality time with our loved ones is fundamental to this. Unfortunately, right now restaurants, bars and cafes are closed in Mallorca but we have a solution. To support them in these difficult times and to spend a nice evening at home we can order food.

First we buy a good organic and top quality wine from a place like Bar La Sang. Located in the centre of Palma, it is an intimate and friendly bar that now only sells a large selection of wines.

You can choose for example from the bodega Galmés i Ribot a Som Red that you are sure to love. Then there are several great restaurants that are doing very well with take-away. We recommend two incredible ones, the Restaurant La Vieja of the great chef Joany Hernandez. He specialises in Canarian flavours and you won’t be indifferent when you try his dishes.

Another great restaurant you should try these days is  El Clandesti del chef Pau Navarro. Undoubtedly an extrasensory experience that will make you want to repeat and try everything.

Surely after all this we are telling you, you will want to experience all these tips to take care of yourself in Mallorca as you deserve. Do it and please tell us all your experiences, we love it when you do it.

Tips to take care of yourself in Mallorca the way you deserve 

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