Tips to create a spa at home by Mediterranean Look.
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Tips for creating a spa at home

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Tips for creating a spa at home

Hello everyone from Mediterranean Look, it seems incredible but we are already entering the month of October. Autumn has started but we are lucky to live in this paradise that is Mallorca. Here we have the veroño season upon us with an ideal temperature and still lots of sunshine. The return to school and to the routine is difficult for all of us and it is hard to get back into the rhythm.That’s why we must not stop taking care of ourselves and above all pamper ourselves to look good inside and out. From Mediterranean Look we want to propose you some tips for creating a spa at home that you will see how good it feels.

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There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and being able to unwind and relax. There are several things we can do very easily. You see, the first thing is to create the perfect atmosphere and that is achieved with good background music. In the salon Carlos Martin always has the perfect soundtrack as you know, as music is very important in his life. So we recommend a mix of Melody Gardot to start with and then Diana Krall, two singers with wonderful voices.

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In the bathtub, fill it up to the top with lukewarm water and your favourite shower gel and work up a good foam. A few candles here and there always come in handy for a soft light. Now we are going to do an oil bath treatment for your hair. Take the Super 7 Oil from Mediterranean Look and with your hair dry, apply it from scalp to ends. Comb it through your hair and as you have to wait for an hour with it on, take the opportunity to take your relaxing bath. An infusion or a glass of wine always helps, and even better if it is Mallorcan. The Sió negre from Bodega Ribas is extraordinary and you will love it for sure. Right now the grape harvest is taking place all over the island.

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We continue with the tips for creating a spa at home. Apply the Netissim Solid Shampoo by Mediterranean Look in two washes. You have to rub the tablet for a few seconds all over the scalp and body, massage, rinse the foam and so on twice. After rinsing well, towel dry a little bit, now it’s time for the Netissim Solid Conditioner. Use it all over the scalp and hair and leave it on for a minute. Then rinse a little, if your hair is thick and curly you can leave it without rinsing.

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Use a few pumps of Super 7 Oil all over your body without drying and you will notice how your skin becomes silky without being oily.

You will see that between the good atmosphere, the massage, the good smell of our products and the warm water you are completely relaxed. Now it’s time for a good night’s sleep, and in the morning you’ll be as fresh as a daisy with your hair and skin looking as good as new. We hope you liked these tips for creating a spa at home. Let us know when you come for a cup of coffee in the salon. See you soon….

Tips for creating a spa at home

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