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The Oscars and their red carpet

Los oscar y la alfombra roja

Hello everybody, here we are at the end of April which has brought us crazy with the weather. We don’t know what to wear anymore because Mallorca seems to be in the Caribbean with so much sun and then suddenly it rains. It’s cold and you have to go out in the morning with a coat and two hours later you don’t know what to do with it and it’s hanging on your arm wherever you go. And then there’s the unexpected rain of “April, a thousand waters”, which makes you hesitate whether to take an umbrella or not! Anyway, this crazy month is coming to an end and it’s ending in style because the Oscars and their red carpet have just finished, which we love at Mediterranean Look.

There is no more glamorous and eagerly awaited event all year round. Even if they are decaffeinated by the circumstances. We always like to see the Oscars and on that red carpet the different outfits and trends in those fabulous actresses. This year we have had everything but the best thing has been that a woman, Chloé Zhao has been the second woman in history to win an Oscar for best director and the first Asian, she is Chinese, to do so. All for the film Nomadland, which has swept the board. In addition, a Spaniard Sergio Lopez-Rivera has won the Oscar in the make-up category for “Mother of Blues”.

Originality on the red carpet (TÏtulo H2)

As we said on the red carpet she has also been original by wearing a Hermes suit with white, classic trainers from the same brand.

But let’s look back and the first one who dared to do something like this was Cybill Shepherd at the 1985 Emmys wearing a pair of Reebok aerobics shoes under her spectacular black dress. Then Sally Field at the Oscars postparty in 2013 copied her by wearing a pair of trainers under a spectacular red Valentino.

In short, Chinese director Chloé Zhao is making history and we at Mediterranean Look are very happy about it. Also on the red carpet and although she did not win the Oscar she was nominated for best actress for her role in A Promising Young Woman, Carey Mulligan < triumphed with a two-piece dress from Valentino’s haute couture collection in metallic tones es pec ta cu lar !!!!.

Amanda Seyfried also surprised us in a fiery red Giorgio Armani dress. She was also nominated for best supporting actress for the film Mank.

In the end the film Nomadland won three awards for Best Film, Best Direction and Best Actress in a Leading Role. The latter was won by the great actress Frances McDormand, who thus achieves a third as a leading actress and one more as a producer of the film. She already made us fall in love with her in Fargo and continues to do so.

Now, after having seen the Oscars and their red carpet, what we want is to be able to go to the cinema in comfort and see all the great films there are. Because the Oscars and their red carpet make us want to go to the cinema with a big bag of popcorn in good company, doesn’t it? In Mallorca there are super nice cinemas to go to and enjoy. Besides, we feel like wearing red carpet outfits and feeling like superstars after so many restrictions. So don’t forget to use our Mediterranean Look products which take care of the whole family inside and out. See you again soon, take care of yourselves!

The Oscars and their red carpet

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