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The beauty of being natural

Carlos Martín Peluqueros- Mediterranean Look

Hello again from this blog of Mediterranean Look, I hope you are enjoying the end of May like never before. Here at Mediterranean Look we are very happy for the great acceptance you are giving to our products. We see that our sustainability values reflected in our brand have delighted you.  We believe that there is nothing more important than the beauty of being natural and that is why we have expanded our points of sale to be able to reach more and better all of you. You can now find us at :

@makeupegsby, @almacenarro_peluqueria, @perfumeriastintin , @portixol_hotel and of course @carlosmartinpeluqueros.

Environmentally conscious branding

As you know, one of our most important values is sustainability. Not only are our products created with an ecological conscience, our packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard. So you can be sure that by making a purchase that benefits you in a natural way you are also helping the environment.

The beauty of being natural is something we at Mediterranean Look love and now more than ever we need to cultivate it. Just as we love to dress effortlessly stylish and comfortable, we love to take care of our bodies. The beauty of our products is that they come from natural and positive values that combine wellness and simplicity. 

Our hydroalcoholic gels and sprays as well as our Hair Serum 1 and Super 7 Oil provide a quality of life for your hair and skin that vindicates that beauty is being natural. 

Trends for the end of the month

Now that summer is approaching and we love to leave our coats and long-sleeved clothes behind, we would like to give you some advice on what to do these days in Mallorca. You already know that we love everything that is new on the island and we always support culture and local things.

We can tell you that the new place that has been the most talked about this last week is the one that Martín Berasategui has opened here in Palma.

It’s called El Txoko de Martín. The Basque chef with no less than twelve Michelin stars has opened this new restaurant which means “corner” in Basque in Palma’s beautiful Santa Catalina district. Offering Basque cuisine at prices that seem to suit all budgets, this is the new place to try and then tell us about it.

The best thing is that after you have dined there, you can go to the El Molinar area to watch the sunset from the Hotel Portixol. On its pleasant terrace you can enjoy a wonderful Coctail Portixol made with cava and fresh strawberries and at the same time see and buy our products that are on display at the Hotel. It is a marvellous collaboration that deepens in the beauty of being natural that we at Mediterranean Look claim so much.

As always, we hope you liked our tips and that you have the best time of the month. 

The beauty of being natural

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