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Sustainable hair and body products

Hair Serum 1 - Mediterranean Look

Hello everyone again, how are you? I hope you are taking advantage of the good weather and making excursions to these wonderful villages on the island. Here at Mediterranean Look we are very excited about the new products for the brand we are creating. We want to continue to provide you with sustainable hair and body products of the highest quality as always. 

Values of Mediterranean Look


Following our values we always seek the best from nature. Our products are 100% natural, we use the best ingredients. In Mediterranean Look we always make an exhaustive investigation to achieve the maximum quality.  As you know from the first moment you use our sustainable hair and body products you can see incredible results. Also, one of the best things is that they can be used by the whole family. One product has many functions so you don’t have to carry as many bottles as you used to. As you know, we promote sustainability and maximum care for the environment. 

Tratamiento intensivo - Mediterranean Look

You can follow our instagram @mediterraneanlook for news on new products. On the web you know that you can buy all our products online with maximum security. You can also come to the shop to see us, which we love, apart from your usual appointment in the hairdresser’s of course.

This last sustainable hair and body product is sure to please you and you will want to give it away for the coming holidays. The best thing is that in all your comments you tell us that the whole family uses them. We always think of your needs.

The male hair look

That is why today I want to talk a little about male care and aesthetics. Here at Mediterranean Look we think it is super important that men today take care of themselves. In the salon we have a part dedicated to them and we always advise them. Our sustainable hair and body products are unisex and very easy to use.

It doesn’t take long to have a well cared hair and beard with a totally natural and fresh look. 

We can see in the trends for men this autumn that hair is clearly on the rise. One of the most important references in the male look is undoubtedly Brad Pitt Everything about him in terms of fashion or style is followed by millions. His last look is with a medium-long hair to which he has always been faithful. It’s time to follow in his footsteps and let your hairdresser advise you on how to grow your hair that way.

New products from Mediterranean Look

Our sustainable hair and body products at Mediterranean Look are perfect for the care of this haircut. You will get a very modern and fresh look in a few minutes in front of the mirror without any effort.

Another man with great style who is undoubtedly a world reference is David Beckham  If there is something very special about him it is his hairstyle. He has changed it over the years and like Brad Pitt is always faithful to taking care of his hair.

Hair Serum 1 - Mediterranean Look

As we say all our sustainable hair and body products are perfect for the whole family. Follow the news on our instagram @mediterraneanlook and you can follow the launch of new products that you will love.

We look forward to your comments and visits to the online shop, enjoy the autumn in style.

Sustainable hair and body products

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