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Sustainable cosmetics company in Mallorca


Sustainable cosmetics company in Mallorca.

Hello everyone again, it’s incredible but it’s already May. Let’s see if we can forget these past rainy months and enjoy ourselves a bit. It’s time to go to the beach, not only for a walk but also to get into the sea. From Mediterranean Look we firmly believe that this is the best way to fill us with positive energy. As a sustainable cosmetic company in Mallorca we fully support everything that is nature.

You must already know from everything we have been telling you that sustainability is fundamental for us. Carlos Martin founder of Mediterranean Look firmly believes in the Mediterranean lifestyle. Living with less and better in a natural way. It was precisely this concept that led him to create Mediterranean Look as a sustainable cosmetics company in Mallorca.

Carlos Martin’s principles

Carlos has been dedicated to the world of beauty for many years. Since he was a child he has had a lot of art as they say in Extremadura where he is from. He took this art with him when he was a child to Mallorca and when he grew up he took it to the world of styling and fashion. In this way he knew how to direct his interests towards aesthetics and beauty in a professional way. He has spent many years working with the biggest international cosmetics companies. Both learning and gaining experience to know everything about this great world.

He understood perfectly the needs of his clients and transferred his art and knowledge to his own salon in Palma. After a few years of research he finally created Mediterranean Look. As he says, to make people’s lives easier with their image. He had the vision to find an important niche in a world where everything revolves around mass consumerism. There was a lot of research in laboratories in Mallorca with the best natural ingredients. It was very important to create with a sustainable and ecological conscience to achieve the results he wanted.

The Mediterranean Look image

But a great product always needs an image that matches its quality. For this reason, and thanks to the collaboration of another great artist such as Juanjo Castillo, we can enjoy the elegance of the designs that surround Mediterranean Look. So now we have a sustainable cosmetic company in Mallorca with incredible products and an elegant, fresh and modern design. A perfect combination.

What Carlos wanted from the beginning was to create products that can be used by the whole family. Also, that a single bottle has several uses, not only for the hair but also for the skin. With scents of the countryside, the sea, fruits and a texture that invites you to use it every day.

mediterranean look family

Products for the whole family

Today more than ever we are lucky to have these great products for our daily use. Now the summer starts in no time with the sun beating down, we will be washing our hair more and our skin will be a little drier. We need to moisturise inside and out. Hair Serum 1 and Super 7 Oil do all this. You know that you should use them daily in your bathing ritual in the mornings or evenings.

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A nice way to love people is to take care of them and if you have these products in your home you will be giving the best to your loved ones.

That is what Carlos wanted from the beginning by creating Mediterranean Look. Besides, as you know, you can come to the salon and tell us all the things you like most about them. Or maybe you can complain if the Hair Serum 1 is taken away by your partner, if your friend took the Super 7 Oil to try it and she kept it. Here you can buy more, have a coffee with us and start the summer in the best way. See you soon ….

Sustainable cosmetics company in Mallorca

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