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Sustainable and Mediterranean trends in Mallorca

Tendencias sostenibles en Mallorca

We are almost on the verge of spring and we are looking forward to leave the cold and all the jumpers etc. behind. As we mentioned in the previous post, fashion is evolving rapidly. We love especially the new Mediterranean and sustainable trends. Here at Mediterranean Look as a company that lives the values of sustainability we support all these proposals.

In this new season we can see basic garments such as jeans that have been put the batteries in this issue of sustainability. We all have several of all styles and colours in our wardrobe, it is a very popular basic. It was about time they took this step because jeans are one of the garments that require the most amount of water in their production. Apart from all the dyeing and techniques which use chemicals for the final finish. They have finally found raw materials that are ethical to the environment.

Sustainable jeans

One of the most legendary brands is Levi’s which has teamed up with the brand Ganni for these new sustainable trends. They have created a collection of sustainable jeans using cottonised hemp. It’s a great discovery as it requires less pesticides and above all less water. In addition, they have a process that makes the fibre produced as soft as conventional cotton. 

We at Mediterranean Look applaud all these new techniques that are long overdue to protect the environment.   

As we say, denim brands are at the forefront of the latest sustainable trends in terms of components. On trend, skinny jeans are no longer the most popular. They have realised that confinement has brought a new comfort in society and they are asking for a new fashion. Apart from the tracksuit that we mentioned before now the top jeans are the wide-legs. 

Urban styles are triumphing, like those worn by skateboarders, with a mix of elegant pieces. In addition, loose-fitting garments mixed with tight-fitting pieces is a new sustainable trend that is coming on strong. Of course, don’t forget the trainers. Comfort is essential to keep you going all day long and even in the evening, without having to change your clothes.

Reuse basic garments

One of the most popular tips for this new season is to know how to combine the basic garments you have in your wardrobe. One of the best sustainable trends is to reuse all your clothes in every possible way. The more you reuse the more value you give to your clothes, it’s a style trick.

The white shirt for example is another basic garment that never went away because we all have one in our wardrobe. Knowing how to combine it open with a cropped top, i.e. a short and tight T-shirt is a must. You can combine it with a pair of wide jeans giving it a very feminine touch with accessories and a jacket. 

Of course, if you use the Mediterranean Look products before you get dressed, you will feel and look perfect and you will feel like living the pre-spring season to the fullest.

We have to take advantage of the fact that Mallorca is beautiful this February. Due to the higher temperatures the almond trees have blossomed and the countryside is incredible. The road leading to Valldemossa, for example, looks like a scene out of a painting. With the little yellow flowers coming out between the green of the ground and the almond trees in full bloom, it makes you want to stop and enjoy it to the fullest.

I hope you enjoy all these sustainable trends in Mallorca and that together we can help to create a more responsible and ecological world.

Sustainable and Mediterranean trends in Mallorca

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