Spring in Mallorca by Mediterranean Look.
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Spring in Mallorca

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Spring in Mallorca

What a thrill we have all the Mediterranean Look family and is that spring is already here in Mallorca. We have the joy in our bodies, our faces light up with that permanent smile. The sun rises a little more every day and there is a unique atmosphere. The evenings are already longer thanks to the time change and that gives life, a lot of life.

Have you driven around the island lately? With so much rain, the fields have been experiencing an explosion of color. First it was the almond blossoms that illuminated everything in pink and white. Now it’s the yellow wild flowers that are like carpets flooding everything in a magical way. It makes you want to dive headlong into these fields like in an advertisement.

Easter Week in Mallorca

It is necessary to take advantage of the month of April to the fullest as many things come and in no time everything is full of people and it is not the same. The Holy Week in Majorca is the first thing, it is necessary to see it, to feel it and to smell it. To get into the streets following the processions with the joy of the people and the music.

Monday is the Virgen de la Esperanza and for sure it is spectacular, it is not Seville but you can’t compete with that of course. The music bands with their bugles and drums giving their all, the brotherhoods that have rehearsed all year. Perhaps children who go out for the first time in the processions dressed with their hoods and candles. At Mediterranean Look as you know we are big fans of culture and traditions so we will be there living Easter and everything up close.

Activities this spring in Mallorca

Besides, if you like to do routes and especially cycling, spring in Mallorca is a paradise for you. Everything is flooded, everywhere you go it seems that the Vuelta a España is on the island. Of course you have to be very careful respecting the distances because what a sport, it is hard to ride. The other day we went up to the beach of Formentor taking advantage of the fact that it is not yet full of tourists and it is one of the most difficult slopes. There were cyclists giving it all pedal by pedal that deserve a prize just for the effort.

If you like sailing, from March 31 to April 8 is the 52th Princess Sofia Trophy by @iberostar with regattas and Olympic classes competing. Precisely many sailors participated in an educational talk by the Vell Marí Association about posidonia and its importance. It is one of the endemic aquatic plants of the Mediterranean that grows in many areas of the island. It cleans and oxygenates the waters and benefits the environment on many levels. At Mediterranean Look you already know that one of our values is sustainability and care for the environment.

If you can, this is the best time of the year to enjoy the island by taking a boat and touring the coves. Experience the Mediterranean and its incredible and healthy lifestyle.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables in Mallorca

Spring in Mallorca also offers us many seasonal products. As they are not from greenhouses, they have all their flavor and keep their essence. Consuming seasonal and km 0 fruits and vegetables contributes to sustainability as it reduces energy consumption and generates less carbon dioxide emissions. In April you can enjoy super tasty fruits such as oranges, strawberries, kiwis and avocados. That means you can make wonderful juices or a very Mexican guacamole as you like. You also have strawberries, bananas, pineapple, grapefruit and loquats. In terms of vegetables you can enjoy peas, cabbage, celery, chard, artichokes and beets.

So now you know how to live the spring in Mallorca to the fullest and we are waiting for you in the lounge to have a coffee and tell us all about it.

Spring in Mallorca

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