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Organic products in Mallorca


As you know, we at Mediterranean Look give a lot of importance to the environment. Having ecological values was paramount when we started. We wanted to be an active part of the variety of organic products in Mallorca.

The world of cosmetics is very important because every day we use creams, oils, serums and others to take care of ourselves. They are products that become our allies and friends, that take care of us inside and out. At Mediterranean Look we have created organic products in Mallorca based on a commitment to the environment. From the bottling in glass jars to the totally vegan and natural ingredients.

Organic products in Mallorca for the summer

The less is more principle, so often used in the fashion world, is applied to our products at Mediterranean Look. Our Hair Serum 1 and Super 7 Oil are multifunctional and for the whole family as you know. This saves you from having to buy and use thousands of jars and creams as they do the function of all of them. It was something we set out to do from the beginning when making organic products in Mallorca.

This summer, which is already in full swing on the island, you will be able to protect, moisturise and care for your body and hair like never before. Whether you go to the beach or to the swimming pool, all the natural and organic ingredients guarantee that you can be safe at all times. In addition, you know that at Mediterranean Look we are inspired by the Mediterranean Sea which is so beneficial for our emotional and physical state. There is nothing better than a good swim or a walk on any of the beaches of Mallorca to feel like new. It is a unique and perfect recipe for renewal, feeling fresh and natural inside and out.

Trends for this summer in Mallorca

As always from Mediterranean Look we propose you ideas to be in the latest trends and we are not going to be less in this post. Now that you look divine with our products it’s time to show off with the latest trends in Mallorca

When it comes to bikinis and swimming costumes there is a must that everyone follows, as sustainability is very popular with everyone. Timeless lines and designs are the latest trend, as the aim is to have them last for a long time in our wardrobe. It is a fusion between wanting to be trendy and using ecological products in Mallorca.

In terms of design, the trends say that sailor stripes and floral designs with the so-called Bridgerton neckline are in. It seems that retro and sweet aesthetics are in fashion and can be mixed with masculine accessories to give them an original touch.

Sustainable textiles in Mallorca

We have to consider swimwear made with sustainable fabrics and materials. Those brands that have a commitment to the environment and local production.

We can recommend as ecological products in Mallorca the brand Now_Then where their swimming costumes are made in Spain. They promote local industry, craftsmanship and the advantages of local products that are so beneficial for the planet.

Other brands are All sisters based in Barcelona, Clo stories, the Beach Brand and PetitBain

As always, let us know how it goes and your tips on places and events in Mallorca for this summer. 

Organic products in Mallorca

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