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New fashions in Mallorca and the world

Nueva moda en mallorca

Hello everybody, we are very happy that you have sent us a lot of positive comments about the previous post. You have applauded the fact that one of the tips to look great is to enjoy life. With all this that is happening in the world sometimes in our heads we only have worries and that is not good. 

Today from Mediterranean Look we want to tell you about one of the interesting things that have happened during these months. You see, it turns out that spending so much time at home has influenced the way of dressing all over the world. New fashions in Mallorca and the world have been created. It is very interesting and fun.

Fashion, being as important and influential as it is, has been adapting to new habits and customs. The fact that the home has become our workspace has created a new style. We have become accustomed to being comfortable at all times. We have gone from getting out of bed in our pyjama trousers (enlace, which are not too tight, to the kitchen to have breakfast and then to take our coffee to our desk. There, between sips and spittle, reports on serious topics have been written as if we were all made up and dressed to the last detail. 

In addition, phone calls have been made to the boss trying to put on a solemn voice, sometimes uselessly, trying not to let the dog get on top of you and spill your coffee on the computer. All this has led to an increasingly subtle fine line in the new fashions in Mallorca and all over the world. Yes, because when we have to go out of the house to buy bread or more coffee, we look at skinny jeans or that slightly tight dress with annoyance. They are in the wardrobe and we look at them as if to say, stay there and I’ll take you out at another more fashionable time in my life. So as it had to be, all the brands have said come on, we make fashionable now, are you ready? One, two and three …. The tracksuit !!!!

New fashions in Mallorca (titulo H2)

Yes yes, it’s the new craze for new fashions in Mallorca and the rest of the world . It had to happen, it’s true, because it’s the closest you can get to wearing pyjamas without having an existential trauma. Now you can see every good influencer like Elsa Hosk on her instagram page @hoskelsa or top models like Naomi Campbell  wearing tracksuits when they go for a walk around the city, shopping or on the terraces of the cities that allow them.

Comfort is important (Titulo H2)

And that’s not all, these new fashions in Mallorca and the world, we say new but it is a revival of the 80s at least, on top of that comes even better. Because for greater comfort and adaptation to the uniform at home, they have created the style where the socks are over the trousers

Let’s see, there are two versions that are triumphing, there is the baggy tracksuit that doesn’t mark, the traditional one, and now the latest are the tracksuit-leggings. These are tight-fitting and can be worn with super extra long and big sweatshirts to be even more comfortable, let’s say. 

With these leggings you now have to wear socks that come out like the old famous leg warmers from Flashdance the movie. All the big brands such as Adidas, Puma, Nike have joined forces and want us not to be traumatized when we leave the house as Vogue says. But don’t overuse this look, because you have to know when to wear it. Of course when the weekend arrives we will get ready and like every day we will use the Hair Serum 1 and the Super 7 Oil from Mediterranean Look to have wonderful hair and skin. We’ll put on that tight dress that was staring at us from the wardrobe, we’ll take the dog and the kids with the sister-in-law to enjoy a super romantic take away dinner with your partner who… Hopefully is not wearing tracksuits!!!

New fashions in Mallorca and the world

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