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Natural hair products in Mallorca

"ALT"peinados para la navidad en mallorca moño bajo"

Natural hair products in Mallorca

Incredible but true, it’s November even though we are still wearing short sleeves and sandals. Isn’t it wonderful to live in Mallorca? Here at Mediterranean Look we are enjoying it a lot even if we are a bit upset with the time change. Those long summer evenings in terraces have turned into evenings at the cinema or with friends at home. By the way, did you go to see the last Alex de la Iglesia movie? We went to the Augusta Cinema in Plaza España. It’s called The Fourth Passenger and it’s great, you laugh, you are surprised and it flies by, we loved it.

Autumn afternoons in Mallorca

After the movie we went to dinner at the restaurant Andana de Maca de Castro which is always a great choice and is next door. We ordered some grandmother’s eggs, some croquettes from El Jardín and a red Indiot de 4 Kilos to comment on the movie. We loved Ernesto Alterio where his comic part stood out with such a good and original script. While we ordered our coffees, we talked about autumn and hair loss. Some of us jokingly commented that it is the consequence of listening to Taylor Swift’s new album 24 hours a day. Her latest album called Midnights has become the best-selling release of 2022. It has the most top 10 hits among women in the history of the chart, with a total of 40, surpassing Madonna’s 38. Of course she has her lyrics and songs of heartbreak and difficult relationships very much in her style.

But of course we can say that hair loss has more to do with the season of the year than with Taylor. Carlos Martin always says that hair has its cycle, it is born, grows, falls out and comes out again. It is in its nature to fall out, it is part of its natural cycle. However, in autumn it is more common for it to fall out a little more than in the rest of the year, and in spring it must be said. About 100 hairs fall out a day in one way or another and now it usually falls out twice as much as it normally does. That’s why we always recommend at Mediterranean Look to use our natural hair products in Mallorca.

Seasonal hair loss

Everything happens when there is a temporary alteration in the growth cycle that usually lasts 2 or 3 months. That is why we must take care of it all year long and treat it with products with natural ingredients. We are very proud of our new Netissim Shampoo, the latest creation of Carlos for Mediterranean Look. The wonderful design and image of course by the great artist Juanjo Castillo.

Our shampoo contains Lavender essential oil of the best quality that prevents hair loss. In addition, another natural component is Panthenol which penetrates the cuticle and the hair shaft retaining moisture. It provides hydration, shine, elasticity and helps regenerate scalp and skin cells.

As we always say, it is very important to use natural hair products in Mallorca. Apart from that you have to have a proper diet, sleep well and follow a Mediterranean philosophy of life. Our way of life in Mallorca living with nature and taking life with joy is the best. You can’t always blame Taylor, we have to enjoy every day. We are waiting for you as always with your comments and to have a coffee in the saloon, take care of yourselves.

Natural hair products in Mallorca

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