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Men’s beauty salon in Mallorca

"ALT"salón de caballeros en Mallorca"

Men’s beautiful salon in Mallorca

After this very hot month of July, today we are going to talk about a little mentioned but very interesting topic. Every day more and more men tend to take care of their looks, especially since image is becoming so important. We get on Instagram and well, apart from seeing reels of kittens, fabulous recipes and people making pranks, men look like they came out of an ad. Thank goodness, we all say in unison, it’s about time that apart from shaving, they take care of themselves. We want to see them with a neat beard, well-trimmed hair and smooth skin, all very stylish of course.

Barbers in history

Barbershops origins dates back to the ancient Egyptians, one of the first trades in history. The barber was a highly respected and distinguished man with great importance in society in Egyptian, Roman and ancient Greek culture.

Is said that the forerunner of barbering was Ticinius Mena in 269 BC. Barbers were called “tonsores” and barbershops “tonstrinae”. In Medieval Europe, there was a very curious profession: barber-surgeon, who cut beards and hair, cut blood, extracted molars or bleached teeth with etching.

So you see, originally, barbers were surgeons and dentists. In ancient Greece, this profession became very popular. In the 5th century B.C. Greeks sported curly hair styles and trimmed, wavy beards, barbershops were almost a social club where they gathered to philosophize, talk politics and pamper themselves.

Today Truefitt & Hill is the oldest barbershop in the world, founded in 1805 in London by William Francis Truefitt. Today, in addition to professional hairdressing, it is a luxury brand that manufactures shaving creams, aftershaves and fragrances for high-class gentlemen.

Specialized professionals

Shaving every day and running a razor across your face is not something we look forward to doing. Besides, if you have sensitive skin and it irritates easily, it’s already torture. The numbers say that men shave about 16,000 times in their lifetime and almost 30% have sensitive skin. It is very important to put yourself in the hands of professionals and that is why men’s beauty salons in Mallorca and barbershops are more important than ever. In Mediterranean Look we want to tell you how they differ and some curious things about this subject.

Facial hair is drier, stiffer and harder than head hair and the needs of the scalp are not the same as those of the facial skin. Therefore, it is essential to have special care and products to remove dirt, sweat, pollution particles or odors that can accumulate.

A dry, unkempt and dull beard is not a good barber’s look and will not look its best. You should know that barbershops are more low cost establishments where you will get your hair and beard done. They are limited in their services, they will not give you any professional treatment like in a men’s beauty salon.

Natural products

You need a professional who knows how to guide you according to your skin or hair type. Therefore the best advice we can give you is to go to a men’s beauty salon in Mallorca like Carlos Martin’s where they will make a study of your skin. You will find useful tips to show off your beard, hair and complexion in the healthiest and most stylish way of course.

Think that shaving is a very big aggression because the razor, in addition to facial hair, takes away much of the hydrolipidic layer, the invisible layer that protects and covers the skin. As this is weakened, the skin is left defenseless and is more susceptible to irritation, burning, redness, itching or tightness. With sensitive skin this is magnified even more and can even affect the quality of life.

Men’s beauty salon in Mallorca

Therefore, it is essential that all products and tools used by the professional are specifically designed. As in any other beauty routine, the first step is always the facial cleanser. To remove dirt, dead skin cells, smooth the skin surface and soften and lift facial hair. All this before you start shaving.

To minimize damage before, during and after shaving so that something so commonplace does not become an ordeal. As we say, the best thing to do is to put yourself in the hands of a good men’s beauty salon in Mallorca. In addition, Mediterranean Look products such as Hair Serum 1 and Super 7 Oil will be your best ally forever. Their multifunctional formulas with natural ingredients have the power to moisturize and nourish both facial hair and skin. This minimizes itching and tightness. With a few drops in the palm of your hand and, with a gentle massage from top to bottom, on a dry or slightly damp beard you will notice a big difference. You can do it both on the beard and on the skin and hair, providing an extra softness that you will be grateful and they will thank you.

So now you know, stop by Carlos Martin’s salon for a coffee and he will advise you on everything. The Barber Shop offers classic shaving, cutting, spa sessions, beard trimming, shaving tools and personal care.

Have a great August and let us know how it goes….

Men’s beauty salon in Mal

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