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Mediterranean cosmetic oil

Super 7 Oil 100ml

Hello everyone, we are very happy because we have welcomed a new product into our family. As we mentioned in the previous post Carlos Martin after much research and knowing your needs has achieved it again. He has created Super 7 Oil, a Mediterranean cosmetic oil for the whole family.


It is an incredible product that combines seven types of natural oils from the Mediterranean for hair and skin. They are oils chosen one by one with all the care and love that Carlos always puts into them. They are olive, almond, grape, sunflower, cambre abysinica, fig and rosemary oils.

This Mediterranean cosmetic oil could not be otherwise, always maintaining the values of Mediterranean Look. It is made with 100% natural and vegan products manufactured on the wonderful island of Mallorca. Made with the best quality oils it is an ideal blend for the whole family.

Recognised benefits

Super 7 Oil is the perfect substitute for conventional cosmetics with a number of very beneficial properties. Alchemists once called them the “soul of the plants” because of the many properties of natural oils. These substances have been used since ancient times and in many cultures for therapeutic purposes both on an emotional and physical level. 

Super 7 Oil 100ml

Carlos Martin had the brilliant idea of making this Mediterranean cosmetic oil with a combination of 7 oils in one product. It can be used for both hair and skin. You will have healthy, well-cared for hair and silky, moisturised skin.

For this time of year it’s the ideal gift to include under the tree. It’s perfect for your partner and you can share it without having to use different products. When your friends see how your hair and skin gain in vitality, they will surely ask you what new beauty secret you use. This is the opportunity to have a bottle ready for them as a gift.

Special care

These days, when we are so stressed out by the way the world is going and family and friends gatherings are coming up, we have to take much more care of ourselves. Nothing like pampering ourselves and taking an oil bath in our hair with Super 7 Oil while opening a bottle of  wine. Prepare a relaxing hot bath and finish it off with Mediterranean cosmetic oil ,Super 7 Oil all over your skin to benefit from all its properties. 

You will see how you end up feeling like new and full of strength for these special days. It will be a perfect beauty routine that you will incorporate into your life and will surely recommend.

We want Mediterranean Look to be a part of your life making it easier and healthier for you to have a very natural and fresh look. Mediterranean Look will be a compulsory stop on your shopping route this Christmas whether it be physically or online. Super 7 Oil is a new must-have product in your bag along with the rest of Mediterranean Look.

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Mediterranean cosmetic oil

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