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June in Mallorca


June in Mallorca

Hi guys, how is the start of summer going? The truth is that June has really kicked in with all its might. As if your mother-in-law comes into your house without asking. From now on we are going to have a few months of warm weather, beaches and terraces with friends.

Pride in Mallorca

June in Mallorca is also a special month as many places celebrate “Pride Week”. The streets are dressed in the colours of the rainbow flag and love is more visible than ever in a universal celebration. Many events will take place between the 18th and 28th of June so stay tuned. All to celebrate and share that “love is love” all over the world.

San Juan in Mallorca

From Mediterranean Look another date in June that we want to recommend you is the night of San Juan, as you know the shortest of the year. On the night of Thursday 23rd of June everything that happens is magical. It is the beginning of summer and it is full of light, colour and warmth. You have to attract luck with a series of rituals, they are superstitions but who doesn’t like to call luck? We like to go somewhere with a bonfire, write a wish and burn it in the flames to make it come true.

In many places it is typical to jump over the bonfire several times when it is small, of course, so you don’t have to risk so much. Another ritual is to go into the sea at 12 o’clock at night and make a wish, it also keeps away negative energies and calls for health.

A slightly easier ritual that you can do at home is the egg ritual. That night you have to break an egg and put the white in a glass of water. Leave the glass in your bedroom window making a wish and in the morning bury it. A flowerpot is enough, you don’t have to go to the park and dig, but if there are no flowerpots‚Ķ.

So now you know, dig up those wishes you want to be fulfilled and ask the gods, every occasion is a good one.

Mallorca Live Festival

Continuing with more activities in June in Mallorca you can’t miss the Mallorca Live Festival held in Calvi√°. After the Covid it has returned with even more strength as I told you in another post. This time it has a luxury line-up. Between the 24th, 25th and 26th they will be performing: Muse, Christina Aguilera, C. Tangana, Franz Ferdinand, Izal, Peggy Gou and many more. There are still tickets left so hurry up.

The whole Mediterranean Look team will be there giving it all and celebrating how beautiful June is in Mallorca.

The most important thing as we know is to be with friends or people you love, enjoying and sharing to the fullest. Of course during all these events you are going to want to look your best. So trust as always in Mediterranean Look, with the Hair Serum 1, the Super 7 oil and all our love you are going to be better than ever. Remember the great properties of our products. They will help you to protect your hair from the heat and the sun. In addition, they will help you to keep it hydrated and your skin will look wonderful those summer nights.

mediterranean look family

Come by the salon and tell us all about it as always, we love to invite you for a coffee and chat with you. See you in June in Mallorca.

June in Mallorca

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