How to start the year well by Mediterranean Look.
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How to start the year well


How to start the year well

We are already in the middle of January and we are sure that it is getting very hard. After the high that Christmas always brings with so much festivities, lights, food and joy, we know it’s hard. That’s why we’re going to help you by collecting a few tips to help you how to start the year well.

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January the most depressing month

That’s how it is, we are all in a psychological slump, the full moon these days doesn’t help either. It’s horrible that it’s all over so quickly, they should make Christmas longer. Let them last at least a month so we have time to get bored of them. Maybe the Corte Inglés has the power to do it, just kidding of course….But anyway, New Year’s Eve came, then the Three Kings rushed in and it’s over.

Now we have to face the sadness of the return to routine and get used to the fact that life is like that.

But the main thing is that we have to hold on to the good and new things that this phase in the calendar offers us. How to start the year well is important so that we can cope with everything that comes our way.

There are several tricks and we want to tell you what we at Mediterranean Look try to do. It is part of the Mediterranean Life Style that we like to promote so much.

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Tips for a good start to the year

The first thing to do is to throw away all the nougat you haven’t eaten. Just kidding, you can finish it little by little and that way you can still enjoy it, chocolate Suchard is a danger, isn’t it?

Well, we are on a privileged island and we have to make the most of it. These days of January we are enjoying a wonderful sunshine. That’s why we have to make the most of it and open all the curtains and windows, let the air and sunshine in. Try as much as possible to go outside to enjoy this spectacular light and practice the Mediterranean Life Style.

There are many who are teleworking again so it is even more depressing but you can schedule yourself. Find that window where the sun shines and take a few minutes to fill yourself with this unique energy.

Organise yourself in such a way that at the end of the tasks you have to spend some time on those little things you love. It could be reading or taking a bubble bath, maybe shopping in the sales, talking to your best friend on the phone. It’s a great morale booster and you get the latest gossip, of course. As well as buying that gorgeous, expensive coat that’s now half price. How to start the year well off right with a new wardrobe would be another post….

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New year new language

Another trick is to set yourself new challenges on how to start the year well. Maybe it’s the right time to start studying a new language. You have always found the idea of learning Italian and going to Rome very romantic, so that you can tell the waiter everything you want in perfect Italian. That’s not only a great rush, it opens new doors of all kinds, both professionally and in terms of love, Italian of course ….

A great way of how to start the year well off right is to do some sport. Those leggings that you have abandoned in your wardrobe deserve a trip to the gym. Or a run in the portixol, then a chocolate protein shake. That will boost anyone’s morale because it has been proven that endorphins rise to make you happy. At night a drink at the Hotel Portixol is a must, what a wonderful place.

Finally, a great way to start the year off right is to come to Carlos Martin. Pay us a visit and let the whole team take care of you. Use Mediterranean Look products frequently and you will feel divine and happy that it’s January. And think that summer is just around the corner! Come on, cheer up and give it all you’ve got and let nothing and nobody make us sad.

How to start the year well

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