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Father’s Day in Mallorca

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Father’s Day in Mallorca

Right now something we are all doing is trying to survive the cold in Mallorca. It is incredible how every year March is being one of the worst in terms of weather. Last year it did not stop raining and this year we have the storm Juliette, which fortunately has a nice name. It has left snow and rain in many places, making us miss the warmth and the sun more than ever. Then June will come and we will be sick of it, but we are not used to this cold. I think we do not have the necessary clothes in the closet and at home we are more under the blanket than anything else.

Anyway, Father’s Day in Mallorca is coming on the 19th and we have to think about doing something special. Because yes, even if they say it is a commercial day they have created it for that. Nothing like making a nice gesture and have as an excuse the calendar with its marked days.

Here at Mediterranean Look we love fathers and we have a wonderful gentlemen’s salon. We always tell you that ours are cosmetic products for the whole family and never better.

Natural hair products in Mallorca

I’m sure more than one of you in the family has said “how beautiful your hair looks”. We already know that Super 7 Oil has that effect. Or perhaps the special smell and shine of Hair Serum 1 has attracted more than one eye during the Christmas season. For several years now, men have been interested in looking good inside and out. Men already care about their hairstyle and hair care. From those dark circles under the eyes that don’t have to be there or that skin that is starting to change.

At Mediterranean Look we applaud all of this and support it to the fullest. There is nothing like a man with a well-groomed beard and hair. Aside from his daily cream, aftershave and manicured nails. Since Pandemic many of us have had the time to research and learn, progress has been made. It is no longer rare to see men buying masks to use them regularly or reading what ingredients are in their shampoo.

That’s why we thought that on Father’s Day in Mallorca you might want to have a detail. Nothing better than a product that he has to have in his toiletry bag. Remember that Mediterranean Look products are sustainable and multipurpose. You can spend a beautiful day on the island and come to the salon to see Carlos. Have a coffee and tell him about your hair care habits. He will do a study about what you are doing and about your hair or beard. Even if you want a change of look no one better than Carlos to advise you.

Gentlemen’s salon in Mallorca

Because having a young soul today is synonymous with wanting to take care of yourself and to be at ease with yourself. At any time, place or situation you can use our products that are also in pocket format. It is very important to have a morning routine using less packaging and less time. Because it’s all about enjoying the Mediterranean life to the fullest and at the same time taking care of our environment.

"ALT"best sustainable products for men in mallorca Mediterranean Look"

That’s why we love it when the whole family discovers us and sees the results we guarantee. Because there is a lot of research and development behind the formulas and the quality of the raw materials used. In addition to the beautiful design and packaging materials made by the artist Juanjo Castillo. So we wait for you as always at the salon and we wish you a beautiful month of March enjoying with your loved ones.

Father’s Day in Mallorca

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