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Essential tips for your hair in Spring

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Hello everyone again, we are already in April, a beautiful month that we can say is a foretaste of summer. We are delighted that you have taken us up on our previous post and have already booked your tickets for the Mallorca Live Festival because this year is going to be the bomb. Now that Easter is over it’s as if we feel like going to more places and why not? maybe enjoy the first dip of the year. The sea water is still a bit cold but we have seen that there are already some brave people who dare.

Some people become very active and others find it difficult at this time of year. The transition between winter and spring, which are totally different seasons with their own characteristics, can lead to what is called “asthenia”. It is simply that fatigue or tiredness that we feel when doing things that do not normally tire us. The time change with longer evenings and also the onset of allergies can be the cause of this. It is time to take more care of our hair because we are entering a time of the year where the sun and the heat can damage our hair. That’s why from Mediterranean Look we want to give you essential tips for your hair in spring.

Change of season

There are sudden changes in temperature due to the change of season when hair tends to fall out a little more than normal. In spring, the days are longer, we have more exposure to the sun, more heat which leads to more dryness… In spring, hair loss is not as accentuated as in autumn and it is nothing serious, it is just a hard stage in which later, the hair returns to “normal”. It is a natural renewal of the hair.

Spring has its benefits because we should take advantage of the warmer weather and more hours of sunlight, so as a tip we can let our hair dry in the wind. Also a good diet is very important, it will make our hair healthier, at this time there are more fruits and vegetables, oily fish, appetizing nuts. Everything is related, not smoking or drinking in excess is essential of course and try not to have too much stress. Doing as much outdoor sport as we can is also fabulous.

tu cabello en Primavera-mediterraneanlook

Other essential tips for your hair in Spring is that after the cold and winter our hair ends due to the friction and the use of irons and dryers are more open and dry than usual. This is the perfect time of year to cut one or two centimetres off the ends of your hair to make them healthier and to help them grow better. Split ends allow external aggressors to enter and that weakens our hair, by cutting the ends we will protect our hair and it will be ready for the sun or the salt of the sea.

Protecting your hair

Changes in temperature make your hair suffer a lot, so you need to protect it with products with natural ingredients. Our Super 7 Oil, as an emollient and occlusive product will leave the necessary moisture in your hair together with the properties of the 7 oils. Super 7 Oil softens and increases the moisture content of the hair, it forms a protective barrier on the hair and slows down water loss. Don’t forget that it can also be used on the skin and is suitable for the whole family, making it an ideal product for this time of year.

Of course with our Hair Serum 1 you will also have all the protection you need as it moisturises, protects and revitalises the hair. It is essential to provide vitality and extra strength. 

In addition, it is a product that helps you to untangle without breaking the hair which is as important as a good brush.

We hope you find all these essential tips for your hair in Spring useful and we look forward to seeing you soon. Take care and enjoy the beautiful month of April.

Essential tips for your hair in Spring

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