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Sustainable life in Mallorca

3 November, 2022

Natural hair products in Mallorca

Natural hair products in Mallorca Incredible but true, it’s November even though we are still wearing short sleeves and sandals. Isn’t it wonderful to live in […]
12 May, 2022
cold snow sea landscape

Sustainable cosmetics company in Mallorca

Sustainable cosmetics company in Mallorca. Hello everyone again, it’s incredible but it’s already May. Let’s see if we can forget these past rainy months and enjoy […]
13 December, 2021
"ALT"las tendencias de invierno en mallorca arbol"

Winter trends in Mallorca

Winter trends in Mallorca We are already in the middle of winter whether we like it or not, the radiant sunshine has given way to grey […]
21 September, 2021

Beauty routine in Mallorca

Beauty routine in Mallorca Hello again everyone from Mediterranean Look. Here we are back better than ever after a good holiday which has helped us to […]
3 August, 2021

Beauty products in Mallorca

Beauty products in Mallorca Hands up anyone who needs to get away from it all and have a holiday now. I think that many of you […]
5 July, 2021

Organic products in Mallorca

Organic products in Mallorca As you know, we at Mediterranean Look give a lot of importance to the environment. Having ecological values was paramount when we […]
15 June, 2021

Products for hair in summer

Products for hair in summer Hello everyone, how are you? I’m sure you’ve already taken the first dip of the year as June has arrived in […]
12 May, 2021
Productos multifuncionales y para toda la familia

Multifunctional products for the whole family

Multifunctional products for the whole family Hello everybody again, we are already in this beautiful month of May which is giving us a wonderful spring. Here […]
3 July, 2020
Vida sostenible en Mallorca- Peluquería Carlos Martín

Sustainable life in Mallorca

Sustainable life in Mallorca Hello everyone again, I love your comments on the previous posts. It’s great that you agree on what it means to be eco-friendly […]