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10 February, 2023
"ALT"ser sostenible en tu cuidado de belleza en mallorca invierno palma"

Be sustainable in your beauty care in Mallorca

Be sustainable in your beauty care in Mallorca Hello everyone again, we are spending this month of February colder than usual, it has even snowed. In […]
21 September, 2021

Beauty routine in Mallorca

Beauty routine in Mallorca Hello again everyone from Mediterranean Look. Here we are back better than ever after a good holiday which has helped us to […]
3 August, 2021

Beauty products in Mallorca

Beauty products in Mallorca Hands up anyone who needs to get away from it all and have a holiday now. I think that many of you […]
15 September, 2020
Restaurantes en Mallorca

Restaurants in Mallorca

Restaurants in Mallorca It is incredible how beautiful Mallorca is in September. The whole island is wrapped in that almost autumnal atmosphere with some still long […]