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27 August, 2020
arsfestum - Mallorca Weddings

Mediterranean style weddings

Hello everyone again, how is it going this summer in Mallorca? You are surely enjoying its beaches, its wines and its restaurants.  It’s been an atypical summer […]
3 July, 2020
Vida sostenible en Mallorca- Peluquería Carlos Martín

Sustainable life in Mallorca

Sustainable life in Mallorca Hello everyone again, I love your comments on the previous posts. It’s great that you agree on what it means to be eco-friendly […]
15 June, 2020

Sustainable cosmetic brand in Mallorca

Sustainable cosmetic brand in Mallorca Welcome to another post by Mediterranean Look, we are very happy about all the good acceptance we are having. We love […]
1 June, 2020
estilo de vida mediterráneao -mediterraneanlook

Mediterranean lifestyle

Mediterranean lifestyle It’s definitely love at first sight, that intense and lively light mixed with bright colors. The smell of the sea and the feeling of […]