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Beauty products in Mallorca


Hands up anyone who needs to get away from it all and have a holiday now. I think that many of you will get up because we are eager to get out of the routine, to stop getting up early and having to run from one place to another in this heat. I tell you what, apart from taking your bikini and a good book, you will need to take some good beauty products in Mallorca in your bag.

When it comes to packing your luggage, you won’t want to take too many things with you because you want to travel light. You have to look for clothes that don’t take up too much space and above all beauty products that do it all at the same time. At Mediterranean Look we have thought of everything and we have perfect solutions for you.

Multifunctional products on Mallorca

We have beauty products in Mallorca that are so versatile that you can use them for practically everything. The Super 7 Oil is a must have for us. It can be used to moisturise your hair in the heat of the sea and the swimming pool, as well as leaving your skin silky soft after a shower when you apply it. 

Behind the creation of Super 7 Oil and Hair Serum 1 there are many hours of study and research to ensure you get the highest quality. They are the typical products that you would take to a desert island if you had to take just one. Nothing can go wrong with them, they have become a basic essential.

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Cuts and trends summer 2021

Now that you have the ideal products for your hair and skin we want to keep you up to date with the latest trends. Nobody better than Nicole Kidman with her pixie cut in the series Roar to recommend a modern and daring one. 

Comfort is served with this cut, especially in summer. We’re in the water all day and don’t want to waste time getting ready. We want to go out quickly to meet friends for a drink on a terrace or dine at our favourite summer restaurant. Besides, in new trends the reddish blonde colour has become so fashionable that even Gigi Hagid wears it.

For fine hair, nothing beats Alexa Chung’s half updo where the ends are easily rounded off with a brush. The trick is to finish it with Super Serum 1 to give it a shiny, silky touch in two steps. It’s a straight cut with blunt ends, easy and comfortable to wear at any age. With a collarbone length and an easy, modern middle parting. If Carlos Martin also gives it the perfect touch of colour, the face will be brighter and clearer. 

It is necessary to look for freshness and naturalness especially now in summer when we don’t want to waste time. With Mediterranean Look beauty products in Mallorca you will always have the confidence of using the best ingredients. You will be on trend and you will be able to enjoy the summer to the fullest.

As always we look forward to your comments and recommendations telling us what you are doing this summer.

Beauty products in Mallorca

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