Beauty care for the groom by Mediterranean Look.
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Beauty care for the groom

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Beauty care for the groom

Well, August is gone and September is here in full swing, although still quite hot. Everyone where you go has the same conversation about the heat, wishing for a little cooler weather. We want to put on a sweater, even a thin one, in the evenings and turn off the fan with that horrible continuous noise, right?

For now we are very happy in this new phase because Carlos Martin Peluqueros has a new salon. We have moved and we are looking forward to seeing you here and continue sharing coffee and chatting while we take care of you.

In the meantime from Mediterranean Look we keep telling you interesting and current things in this blog. Well, we have talked in the previous post about an important part of the cosmetic care that men have. The topic of shaving as we have seen is quite popular. Finally guys are realizing that they have to make an effort to take care of themselves more and better. Even if we don’t want to admit it, physical appearance is becoming more and more important every day.

Weddings in Mallorca

We have received many comments asking us for more topics on this so here we go. We are in the middle of the wedding season in Mallorca and there are many grooms coming to the gents salon. So today we will talk about the beauty care for the groom before the wedding.

First of all we can say that long before the wedding date you have to start taking care of yourself. It is true that the bride is the main protagonist, but we must not be careless. It is one of the most important and happiest days of your life. All your family and friends will be there and you will want to look stunning for them and especially for the bride. It’s not a matter of getting in shape a week before. You have to be fit and go to the gym as much as you can and have a good diet in between all the beer and wine. There are no miracles in Lourdes to lose 5 kilos in two weeks, that’s for sure.

So let’s hope you’re in shape, otherwise it’s too late. And we don’t mention hair removal because no one likes too much body hair. Just because you can’t see your back doesn’t mean you don’t need to remove those shoulder hairs. A clean and smooth skin is always very welcome. Otherwise we are going to give you some very useful tips on groom grooming before the wedding.

Elegant and well-groomed groom

We already know that you are going to go elegantly dressed in a suit or tuxedo. Maybe you have chosen it yourself or you have been advised by the subtle comments of your fiancée. That if the blue suit of Uomo you already saw it in the last two weddings you went to, that if James Bond looks great with the black tuxedo of Hugo Boss …. Anyway, now what you should do is to take care of your hair and skin, the body unless you get married next year, what there is is what there is.

You must put yourself in the hands of professionals who know about it. No barbershops with those 10 euro masks and haircuts included. You will want to look perfect in the photos, with the woman of your life next to you. Those photos will go around the world and even your second cousin in Albacete will see them, who is not invited.

So to those dark circles under your eyes or those pimples that you get, put a solution to them. You should go for a study of your complexion and get a good cleansing. They will give you special products depending on your skin type. You will not find these professional products in stores, so trust and you will see the results in no time. In addition, a good facial massage is wonderful to get rid of all those nerves before the big day.

No experimental looks

On the other hand as beauty care for the groom before the wedding you should be careful with the haircut and beard. You don’t want to suddenly change and get a new look before the wedding. The bride may have a tremendous shock and turn around at the altar when she sees you with blonde highlights. So experiments before the wedding are a no-no. Just trim your hair and beard as advised by your trusted professional as usual. Using Mediterranean Look’s natural products of course.

One thing that is very much appreciated and that every groom should have is a manicure. No bitten nails or nails cut by a nail clipper that does not work well. Besides, your hands should be soft and beautiful for that day and always. I’m sure you will make your future wife very happy. In that close-up of your hands putting on the ring, you will look great. Also have your eyebrows done so that you are without those little hairs that always come out everywhere like little antennae.

And one last tip of beauty care for the groom before the wedding, one day before you both go to a spa. Book in advance, take her and give her a surprise. Ask for a bottle of champagne, a wonderful massage and you will enjoy your wedding day much more relaxed.

We are waiting for you at our new address to tell us everything and more, take care of yourselves.

Beauty care for the groom

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