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Be sustainable in your beauty care in Mallorca

"ALT"ser sostenible en tu cuidado de belleza en mallorca invierno palma"

Be sustainable in your beauty care in Mallorca

Hello everyone again, we are spending this month of February colder than usual, it has even snowed. In summer we were already complaining about the high temperatures and now it is the other way around. We are not used to this cold and wearing so many layers of clothes on the island, we must realize why. Climate change is affecting us and at Mediterranean Look as you know it matters a lot to us. We are above all a sustainable cosmetic brand made in Mallorca eco-friendly and 100% vegan. We always advise you that it is very important to be sustainable in your beauty care in Mallorca.

"ALT"best sustainable products for men in mallorca Mediterranean Look"

Sustainable cosmetics brand in Mallorca

Each one of us can help a little bit every day to reduce our impact on the environment. What we try to do with our products at Mediterranean Look is very easy and can be summarized as follows:

The less packaging you use the better. That’s why with just one product, for example Hair Serum 1, you can solve many hair, skin and beard problems. Multifunctionality is applied to all our products, saving time, money and polluting less. The accumulation of jars and bottles in your bathroom cabinet is over with Mediterranean Look.

-Use refillable containers like the ones we have so you don’t have to keep buying jars. Plus, they’re the perfect size to take with you when you travel, which is very practical.

-They can be used by the whole family so you avoid having to buy for yourself and everyone else. You can share and enjoy the same product knowing that its ingredients are designed with the highest quality standards.

These are just a few examples of what you can do to be sustainable in your beauty care in Mallorca. And then there are the wonderful, fully proven results that will make you feel doubly satisfied.

San Valentín in Mallorca

This February, with Valentine’s Day already upon us, you will want to get or give Mediterranean Look as a gift. It would be a great success that surely triumphs. Besides we suppose that you already have some plan for that day, but let us make some suggestions.

We are in a new phase where giving chocolates and flowers is no longer in fashion. More than anything we want experiences with our partner and enjoy more than ever. Once you are dressed up you can start the day with a delicious brunch. We recommend the cafeteria Doble in Esporles where their variety of toast and food will not leave you indifferent. In addition, they make specialty coffee which means coffee of the highest quality by selecting only the best beans. They will welcome you with a big smile and sympathy, without a doubt one of the best places on the island to start the day.

Nature in Mallorca

Then you can take the car and go for a walk in Banyalbufar where the route of Sa Volta des General will make you fall in love. It will be a magical moment to walk along this path and end up at the bottom for a picnic overlooking the sea. Once you have your batteries recharged and you have breathed the best fresh air you will feel like new. Nothing better than enjoying the magical nature of the island.

In the evening and to honor Valentine’s Day, nothing better than dinner in a place with a romantic atmosphere. We recommend the restaurant Sumaq authentic Peruvian fusion food with lots of flavor in the center of Palma. Its chef Irene will undoubtedly make you live a great experience with its tasting menu that leaves no one indifferent.

Well, and now that the day is over you will be happy to be sustainable in your beauty care in Mallorca inside and out. Nothing like feeling good knowing that you take care of the environment and enjoy it in your life. Let us know how February and Valentine’s Day went, see you next time.

Be sustainable in your beauty care in Mallorc

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