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Autumn in Mallorca

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Autumn in Mallorca

The wonderful autumn finally arrives in Mallorca after this long and hot summer. It is undoubtedly one of the best seasons on the island to enjoy the outdoors. However, we have to prepare ourselves for autumn in Mallorca as our organism has to adapt to new circumstances.

We have to prepare our body and mind to face all the changes that are coming. On October 29th the night of Saturday to Sunday there will be a time change. Our whole sleep rhythm will be unintentionally altered and we will feel much more tired. The cold will come and with it some viruses that we have had away for many months. Because of all this we must be prepared so that we do not get the typical slump all of a sudden.

Colorful foliage in autumn park. Autumn seasons.

Tips for this autumn

One of the most important things is to rest to be strong this autumn in Mallorca. It is not worth staying up late as we did in summer especially due to the heat, so now we have to be a little stricter with the hours of sleep. Another important key is food, we are invaded by red fruits that are antioxidants. Blackberry, pomegranate, grape, all wonderful to fight against skin and body aging. This color indicates that they have lycopene, anthocyanins and ellagic acid, rare names with immune properties. They help us against tiredness and stress.

Pomegranate is a bomb of antioxidants, minerals, fiber and vitamins. A fundamental fruit of the Mediterranean diet that we support so much in Mediterranean Look.

Of course, exercise should not be left aside, now that the heat has gone down we must restart physical activity. The fact that the evenings are shorter should not be associated with a sedentary lifestyle. We must be active and return to a routine with your favorite sport or activity. We can restart those cool and fun dance classes. Maybe take the bike for a ride around the Portixol or do a route through the beautiful Sierra de Tramontana.

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Taking care of the mind

Of course, apart from bringing good things to the body with all this, it is necessary to take care of the mind. For this, there is nothing better than feeling good about yourself this autumn in Mallorca. Tinder is 10 years old and although we have no need for the application we should feel like we would succeed if we had it.

Besides, Milan Fashion Week has just ended and we want to show off all the autumn clothes we have in our closet. We’ve been in the mood with so many fashion shows and collection presentations. Who has not seen Bella Hadid while she was turned into a dress thanks to a spray. We have to know how to regulate our emotions and be in a positive mood. Those famous endorphins that drive us crazy with happiness must be releasing their chemicals to the fullest.

Coming to our new salon of course does a lot. Here you know that Carlos Martin and the whole team will receive you very well and you will be in the best hands. Your positive emotions will be activated as soon as you see how all our Mediterranean Look products leave your hair and skin.

We must give good fuel to our body and mind as we say. So this autumn we are going to be like never before without physical or mental stress. We must train ourselves in body and spirit that is the goal. We wait for you in Mediterranean Look as always, enjoy this month of October.

Autumn in Mallorca

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