Mediterranean look - Brand of sustainable cosmetics, ecological and vegan

Mediterranean Look

Brand of sustainable cosmetics manufactured 100% in Mallorca, with ecological and vegan awareness.



ELLA - mediterraneanlook

On dry hair, apply one pump for short hair, two pumps for medium-length hair and three pumps for long hair. Spread evenly over the palm of your hand and massage into the hair from mid-length to the ends until the product disappears from your hands. Takes around 15 seconds.

Mediterranean Look

Add 5 pumps for short hair, 7 pumps for medium-length hair and 10 pumps for long hair to your usual mask. Mix together well and stir. Apply from the roots to the ends and comb thoroughly for one minute. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse well.

Mediterranean Look

Apply one pump to the palm of the your hand and spread evenly. Massage your beard, face and hair energetically. Repeat if necessary.


For protection from sea and swimming pool water, apply several pumps and work in from the roots to the ends before going into the water. Repeat when you come out of the water.


The Mediterranean look is a style that always works, with hardly any effort, is easy to wear and you’ll be delighted with your natural look.


We use the best natural ingredients in meticulously handmade products that work.


We make life easy for you so that all your family can have a fresher, healthier, more easygoing look.


We guarantee results that you can see and feel immediately.


Mediterranean look - sustainable cosmetics

Behind Mediterraneanlook there are several people who make this delicate project see the light of day.

Carlos Martín was born in Extremadura in a humble working family, he is the fifth child of six siblings. When Carlos was 5 years old his parents moved to Felanitx, a village in Mallorca, in search of work in order to give their children a better life.

Carlos was always a restless, curious child, interested in the world of the arts in general, he loved cooking, painting, drawing, dancing and even dedicated a decade of his youth semi-professionally to flamenco dancing. Simultaneously with dancing, and at the age of 17, he began to study hairdressing and make-up. At the age of 19, as Carlos is an innovative and very daring person, he decided to open his own hairdressing and make-up salon in the village where he grew up. In a few years he made his way to the centre of Palma to open his current salon, where he develops his philosophy of how he sees beauty. "Technical knowledge, manual skills and empathy make a hairdresser and make-up artist an interpreter who makes his clients' fantasies come true".

As Carlos is passionate about the world of beauty, he soon began to stand out as a stylist, working in national and international fashion shows, participating in photo shoots and giving presentations and courses on cutting and colour trends for prestigious international firms.

After 25 years working as a hairdresser and helping hairdressing firms to position their products in the market, he realised that what he was doing was not satisfying him and he needed new challenges. He couldn't find consistency in advising consumers that to feel good about their image they had to use a wide range of products, for hair, skin and body. Then one day sitting on his favourite beach "Es trenc", looking at its turquoise waters he saw it very clearly, the Mediterranean, and the lifestyle of that place, gave him the clarity and the vision of what Mediterraneanlook is now

The Mediterranean lifestyle is based on living with less and better. Carlos then thought that MediterraneanLook's mission will be to make people's lives easier with its image. "Less is more, less products with more results". And he started researching to be able to create products that are manufactured in laboratories of small rural productions in Mallorca, with a sustainable and ecological conscience, but of course, with ingredients of natural extracts of the highest quality! His dream was to merge sustainability and ecology with the most advanced science.

After several years of research in his salon with his clients, Carlos wanted Mediterraneanlook to bring products to the market that would offer multiple results to the hair and skin of consumers, and that would work for the whole family, making their lives easier by having to buy fewer products. So he created the "Mediterranean Lifestyle", feeling good with little but meeting our needs!!

After several and several testers, Carlos got his hands on the products "Hair serum 1" and "Super 7Oil" that would change the life of beauty product consumers.

It was time to give shape and colour to Mediterraneanlook. It is the time of Juanjo Castillo with a long professional artistic career in the plastic arts, who created the whole corporate image of Mediterraneanlook and the subtle drawings that you can see on the packaging.

Carlos is a tireless innovator who continues to search for new elixirs inspired by the Mediterranean, where he hopes that consumers will feel good about using them and thus contribute to generating the least environmental impact.

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